Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get Both Keflings Games this week for 1/2 Off!

Both Keflings Games Featured in Xbox Live Sales

This week Xbox 360 gamers can get their hands on both of NinjaBee's hit Keflings games, A Kingdom for Keflings and A World of Keflings, for 50% off! Each game is part of separate week-long Xbox Live promotion that will cut its price in half from 800 to 400 Microsoft Points. That's double the Keflings for half the price!

A Kingdom for Keflings, the first XBLA game to allow gamers to play as their Xbox Live Avatar, is part of Xbox Live's "Extreme Shopping" sale and is available to both Gold and Silver Xbox Live members. The sequel, A World of Keflings, is one of four games featured as part of this week's "Arcade Four-Play" Deal of the Week.

As is Xbox Live's policy, the Deal of the Week program is available only to Xbox Live Gold members. Both sales run from Tuesday, March 29 through Monday, April 4.

Mustache March!

Every year we do a little contest at the studio called Mustache March. Everybody shaves on the last day of February and then turns their 'staches loose - because nothing says 'we make video games' like nasty facial hair.

Here are a few of the best.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Clydes of March!

Cloning Clyde Arrives on Steam with 15% off sale

Mar. 15, 2011 – Cloning Clyde arrives today on Steam with a coup of a deal! To kick off today's release and celebrate the game’s PC debut, Steam has announced that, for a limited time, users will be able to get their hands on the wacky action-adventure platformer for 15% off the game's regular price!

After the sale has concluded, Cloning Clyde will return to its regular, low price of 4.99 USD (£3.99 / €4.99).

Cloning Clyde was first released in 2006 as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive title, but its arrival on Steam marks the first time the game has appeared on any other platform. To help it better integrate to Valve’s digital gaming platform, the game will support new features such as Steam Achievements and Stats. Cloning Clyde was developed jointly by independent studios Bacon Wrapped Games and NinjaBee.

Download the game now!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cloning Clyde Gets Steam Release Date

Unlimited Clones Available on Steam

Cloning Clyde, the quirky action-adventure platforming game from indie studios NinjaBee and Bacon Wrapped Games will make its PC debut Tuesday, March 15, on Steam. The game will be available for purchase for 4.99 USD (£3.99 / €4.99).

The new version, updated for Steam, includes prominent new features.

"We set out to make Cloning Clyde a perfect fit on Steam," said John Nielson, founder of Bacon Wrapped Games. "So we updated the game by adding new features like Steam Achievements and Stats. We reworked game's achievement set, adding 13 new achievements to the existing 12, making a total of 25 achievements that Steam users can unlock in-game."

A side-scrolling platformer, Cloning Clyde stars an unfortunate hero with multiplying problems. Clyde is the victim of a cloning experiment gone wrong who awakes to find himself trapped in a fortress-like cloning facility.

Players control Clyde and his clone brothers, switching between bodies to solve puzzles and find their way to safety. Though, occasionally players must cross-clone Clyde with monkeys, frogs, barrels of TNT, etc. to overcome obstacles - all while fighting past exploding mutant chickens and security robots.

Cloning Clyde was first released as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive title in July of 2006 and quickly became a fan favorite among XBLA gamers. The game's popularity led to its induction to XBLA's "Arcade Hits" collection last year.