Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Questions That Count: Online Only Consoles

Question: How do you feel about a console that is online only?

There sure has been a lot of talk lately about the possibility that the next Xbox system will require an internet connection to be used, at least to some degree. The original rumor said that it would require a constant internet connection to be usable at all, even to play single player games. A new rumor says that isn't exactly true. I'm sure we'll find out the truth on May 21st. In either case, we're curious what YOU think about the concept of an "online only" console.

Feel free to participate in the discussion on our forums as well!

Would you purchase an online only console if it were the next Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo console?

Questions That Count: Introduction

Hello, fellow gamers!

The video game industry is a constantly changing landscape. In the past few years the way we play video games has transformed in many ways and the upcoming years are likely to bring even more variations to the way we think about games. As developers, we are also gamers, and many of these changes we are excited for, but others we're not so sure about. However, as developers, sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. With this in mind, NinjaBee would like to hear what you, the gamers, think about the various ways the environment of video games is changing.

Therefore, we have created a new forum, which will be used to collect those answers. We will be posting big questions, and want to hear your answers. We will try our best to read and respond regularly so that we can make sure to understand what types of changes the gaming community is welcoming with open arms, which could be done better, and which they would prefer to abandon all together.

If you have your own questions about the industry feel free to post them. If we like them, or if they get enough attention, we’ll merge them into an official topic. We appreciate your cooperation, and look forward to hearing what YOU think about the video game industry’s many emerging trends.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Join our team!

Want to join the NinjaBee team? If you're skilled in public relations and marketing, understand the business of video games and want to work with incredible people then this might be where you belong!

To apply, please submit both a resume and cover letter to jobs@wahoo.com.

PR/Marketing Specialist

The PR/Marketing Specialist will lead all aspects of promoting, advertising, and marketing our games and the NinjaBee brand. Major responsibilities include developing and implementing strategic PR and marketing campaigns, writing press releases, building press kits, creating promotional materials and securing media coverage for all NinjaBee game products. The PR/Marketing Specialist will also be responsible for expanding the studio’s social media footprint and influence, managing NinjaBee’s presence at industry events and tradeshows, and growing the sales of NinjaBee’s PC games through NinjaBee.com and other game portals. Experience with video editing software is a plus.

  1. Writing press releases.
  2. Organizing press tours.
  3. Actively managing and growing company social media footprint through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
  4. Maintaining and managing the company blog.
  5. Developing and implementing strategic public relations and marketing campaigns.
  6. Planning and executing company presence at industry events and tradeshows.
  7. Preparing press kits and promotional materials.
  8. Making changes to the NinjaBee website using content management tools.
  9. Managing the creation of new merchandise.
  10. Assisting with office management duties.
Required Qualifications
  1. Bachelors degree in Communications with emphasis in public relations, marketing or advertising.
  2. Very strong written and verbal communication skills; comfortable with writing press releases, blog posts and other public relations/marketing copy.
  3. Experience in using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Strong skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  5. Fun, enthusiastic, outgoing personality with a “Can Do” attitude.
  6. Must love video games (or be willing to love video games).
Desired Qualifications
  1. Proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro or other video editing software.
  2. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Soundbooth.
  3. Experience in website development and design.
  4. Previous experience in the video games industry.