Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Questions That Count: Mobile vs Console

Question: If you could play the exact same game on your tablet or your TV, which would you prefer?

There's no doubt that mobile games are huge these days, and rightfully so. The convenience of being able to play games on the go is great. We're curious, though, if you prefer to play games on a mobile platform, such as a tablet or smartphone, or if you prefer them at home on the TV with a controller in hand or on your PC?

Assuming you could only purchase your next favorite game on either console, PC, tablet, or smart phone, which would you choose if the graphics and gameplay were fundamentally the same? Would you forego playing on a TV or monitor for the convenience of playing anywhere?

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What is your preferred gaming device: Console, PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone?

Monday, July 22, 2013

The NinjaBee Bundle Lands on XBLA Today

Like a deadly swarm, five NinjaBee games descend on XBLA today in the NinjaBee Bundle. A World of Keflings, Band of Bugs, Ancients of Ooga, Cloning Clyde and Outpost Kaloki X will be available starting today for a mere 1600 MSP, slashing the 3600 MSP retail value of all five games by more than half.

In any other circumstance, five NinjaBees would be too dangerous for most humans to approach alone. But we are pleased to announce that the NinjaBee Bundle is safe not only for you, but for your wallet as well.

The NinjaBee bundle won't sting your finances, but will provide plenty of fun. Each of the bundled games will delight players with addictive mechanics and quirky visuals, providing dozens of hours of great indie gaming. NinjaBees are notoriously sneaky. They’ll steal all your free time if you aren't vigilant.

Help hapless Keflings as they attempt to build a (tiny) new kingdom in A World of Keflings. Wage war with your exoskeletal soldiers in the exciting insecticidal tactics game Band of Bugs. Eat, chant and puke your way to revolution in Ancients of Ooga. Engage in ethically questionable science in the zany platformer Cloning Clyde. Take capitalism to space in Outpost Kaloki X, an interstellar tycoon game.

This honey of a deal is available for the phenomenal price of 1600 MSP for a limited time. Don’t miss out. Download the NinjaBee Bundle today and see what all the buzz is about.

Very few bees were harmed in the making of this bundle.