Monday, October 15, 2012

The Curse of the Zombiesaurus Trailer!

Keflings Zombiesaurus DLC Roars onto XBLA this Wednesday

DLC gets release date, price and new trailer

OREM, Utah – October  15, 2012 – A World of Keflings, the avatar-based Xbox Live Arcade city building sim, is set to get its second DLC pack in as many weeks when “The Curse of the Zombiesaurus” releases this Wednesday Oct. 17 for 320 Microsoft Points.

The Zombiesaurus DLC comes stalking on the heels of last week’s “Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice” DLC, which added a new, candy-themed kingdom wherein players can explore and build a sugary city for their Keflings. Conversly, Zombiesaurus delivers a new land to the Kefling world that sits in stark contrast to the brightly colored candy peak: an eerie yet amusing graveyard town chockfull of bizarre monster-Kefling residents and plagued by the rampaging Zombiesaurus.

Yet despite the ghoulish setting players will find themselves wrapped up in the familiar Keflings humor and light-hearted gameplay that have become the signatures of the Keflings games.

Earlier this year NinjaBee, the studio behind A World of Keflings, held a contest allowing fans to vote to choose between three themes (Candy, Graveyard and Pirate) for what would be the next DLC pack the studio created. “The Curse of the Zombiesaurus” came from the second-place theme and was only made because of a fortunate accident.

“Actually, the Zombiesaurus DLC only happened because we took a gamble and lost,” said Brent Fox, Art Director at NinjaBee. “Arranging the contest took a lot longer than we originally planned. We had a team ready to start working right away, so we surveyed our employees to see which they thought would win. Graveyard won in a landslide, so we bet that that’s how the fans would vote and just started working on it. When the contest finally happened Candy won instead of Graveyard so we had to stop all development and switch. Best mistake we made this year.”

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice Now Available!

Good news everyone! Remember that contest we held oh so many months ago, where you voted which would be the next kingdom we added as DLC to A World of Keflings? Well, you chose, we made it and now, IT's HERE!

Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice, also known as the Candy Kingdom DLC for A World of Keflings released today on Xbox Live Arcade!

So what are you waiting for? There's a cotton candy forest to harvest, gingerbread Kefling houses to build, a bakery to run, an evil wizard to thwart, an amnesia-fied unicorn to un-amnesiate, a gaggle of gingerbread Keflings to build a city for and so, so much more!

You can download it now! Click on the link below to go to the Xbox Live marketplace and add Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice to your Xbox's download queue now!

Download Now - Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Trick AND Treat with the Keflings this October!

Graveyard DLC Announced, Candy DLC Gets Date and Price

Keflings fans will get the chance to Trick and Treat this month thanks to two new kingdoms, graveyard and candy, coming as DLC to A World of Keflings on Xbox Live Arcade. Both DLC packs will arrive in time for Halloween with ‘Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice’ (the candy DLC) releasing Wednesday Oct. 10 for 320 Microsoft Points.

A short zombie teaser appeared at the end of a trailer released last week for ‘Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice,’ hinting that something macabre was brewing for the Keflings, but no further clarification was offered. Today NinjaBee confirmed that a new, graveyard-themed kingdom will lurk its way onto the Xbox Live Marketplace as DLC titled ‘The Curse of the Zombiesaurus.’

In ‘The Curse of The Zombiesaurus’ gamers will play as their avatar and put a horde of zombie Keflings known as ‘Spooklings’ to work gathering bones out of graves, brimstone from volcanoes and ectoplasm off of ghosts. They’ll meet a new cast of ghoulish Keflings including Wilhelm the grave keeper and Count Kefula who need their help in rebuilding their eerily amusing graveyard town, which was recently decimated by the raging Zombiesaurus.

Both ‘Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice’ and ‘The Curse of the Zombiesaurus’ include new achievements for players and new unlockable in-game emotes for their avatars.

Those who don’t own A World of Keflings can pick up a copy next week at half price (400 MS Points) when it goes on sale as Xbox Live’s Deal of the Week beginning Tuesday Oct. 9.