Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Buzz: Salt Lake Comic Con

Welcome to The Buzz! We do a lot of really neat things here at NinjaBee. Sadly, most of you never get to see most of the cool things that happen around the studio. The Buzz is your chance to get a peek under the hood and see how our games are made and get a look at the awesome people who make them.

For our inaugural blog, we want to share our trip to Salt Lake Comic Con! We will catch up on all the fun things we did this summer over the next few weeks, but let's start with our latest excursion. It was awesome! Not only is Salt Lake Comic Con the biggest convention to ever take place in Utah, not only was it the biggest first-year comic con ever, but it is already the fourth largest comic con in the U.S., with thousands turned away from the packed-capacity hall. NinjaBee was right there with Weta, Stan Lee, William Shatner, and more than a couple of Deadpools and Ghostbusters.

Nutjistu was on display over the weekend. Other than PAX East, this was the first time that the public had been able to get hands on our new mobile title. Con-goers crowded around the tablets to steal a mountain of acorns over the weekend. Hundreds of people got to experience Nutjitsu first hand before it launched on Windows 8. Feedback is very important to NinjaBee. We want to make the best games possible, and hearing from our fans is one of the best ways to improve. Everyone was very excited to play and we all had a lot of fun. We even had some notable characters stop by the booth too, including these guys!

They were so cool we even gave them all a Kefling to remember us by!

The Salt Palace was filled beyond capacity with so many passionate people. Fans of all stripes and genres crowded into the aisles (very literally) to catch a glimpse of all the great booths and panels, snap pictures of fantastic cosplayers, and buy all the shiny merchandise on display. No matter where we turned there was something new and exciting to see. Weta's massive booth was a particular favorite, with plenty of expensive swag we all wish we could afford and a few life-size statues of the denizens of Middle-earth.

We had an opportunity to hang out with cool locals from the Salt Lake area, see some awesome celebrities, and get people excited about Nutjitsu. We're hoping to come back next year after SLCC's massive inaugural showing. In the meantime, watch The Buzz for more awesome NinjaBee news and grab some sacred acorns in Nutjitsu, available free in the Windows Store.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nutjitsu Levels, What Do You Think?

Nutjitsu has been out for more than a week now. Hopefully you have all had a chance to download it on Windows 8 and give each of the maps a spin. Not all levels are created equal, and we want to know what you think about them. Everyone here at NinjaBee has a favorite level and a map they think is harder than the others. The problem is, we can't quite reach a consensus! Your input will help settle the issue here in the studio.

What do you think? Which level is the hardest?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Enter the Squirrel!

Nutjitsu is out!

We have been awfully quiet about Nutjitsu since we revealed it at PAX East this year, but the wait is over. Nutjitsu is now available for free on Windows 8 through the Windows Store. Download it now and experience NinjaBee's mobile, touch-driven, acorn stealing squirrel-'em-up today!

This isn't the last you will hear of Nutjitsu either. The ninja squirrel will be sneaking onto iOS and Android in the near future, and more content is already in the works for all your nut-napping needs. But for now, steal acorns and share your high scores. Are you the ninja supreme?