Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vote for 'Sposion Man!

We've got a quick plug for some of our good friends and fellow indie developers, Twisted Pixel:

Have you played 'Splosion Man yet on Xbox LIVE Arcade? If you haven't you should check it out, we highly recommend it. It's a really cool, fun game and it's been selected in the 2009 Spike TV Video Game Awards as a nominee for Best Indie Game.

This year the winners will largely be decided from the public vote, so if you're a 'Splosion Man fan you should go show your support for 'Splosion Man and Twisted Pixel by giving it your vote on Spike TV's Web site. You can vote now by clicking here!


Livingston said...

I've always wondered. Was 'Sposion Man built using part of the Cloning Clyde engine? It has a lot of the same feel.

stay said...

As awesome as that would be... no.

We had nothing to do with Splosion man - our only connection to it is that we *wish* we had made it. :)