Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another New XBLA Game with Avatars!

It's time for another big announcement: NinjaBee is working on another game for Xbox Live Arcade with playable avatars!

The Project
We're going to make the official announcement with more details about the game at the end of the month, but every week in January we're going to give you a look at what we're working on.

Just check back each Tuesday and you can get a first look at concept art of what we've got in production. (Note: This game is NOT Ancients of Ooga, another new game we're bringing to Live Arcade in 2010.)

Can you figure out what this game is all about?

More Concept Art


Chad said...

The concept art looks great. Can't wait to hear more about this game. :) I have been enjoying the new Kingdoms DLC with my daughter. Thanks for the absolutely entertaining games. :)

@bdavid81 said...

Regardless of what its about, I'll be purchasing it. I just bought A Kingdom For Keflings (2 days prior to sale - :( ...oh well!) and I'm in love with the game, and actually playing right now. Still no DLC as I don't have the M$ Points, but eventually will grab it.

Anyway, one suggestion for this one, based on AKFK's main weakness - let's try and watch the framerate and keep it steady. ;)

M. H. Mason said...

I'm hoping for a Keflings inspired adventure game. With birds that look conspicuously like the Twitter logo. And dragons and amazing air ships.

We have to wait 'til the end of the month? Aw, man...