Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A World of Keflings Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade

NinjaBee announces sequel to hugely popular XLA title, A Kingdom for Keflings

OREM, Utah – Feb. 2, 2010 – It’s official. Those oddly cute, yet addictively sweet Keflings are back… in a big way. Independent video games developer NinjaBee has confirmed that A World of Keflings, a sequel to the enormously popular A Kingdom for Keflings, is coming to Xbox LIVE® Arcade in 2010.

A World of Keflings is much more than a sequel,” said Steve Taylor, President of NinjaBee. “It's a new game with a ton of new features, including some innovative ideas that stand out from both Live Arcade and full retail games. A World of Keflings also has a new story focus, with new exotic lands, characters, quests, buildings, customization options, and a lot more.”

A World of Keflings is the bigger, more complete chronicle of the Kefling world where players can play as their Xbox LIVE® avatar and explore and build in the different Kefling lands. Each new kingdom has its own climate and Kefling culture. In addition, each kingdom contains its own unique resources, buildings and tech tree.

“When we set out to make a second Keflings game we decided that we were going to do it right and make it a whole new experience that clearly was bigger and better than the first,” said Brent Fox, NinjaBee’s Art Director. “A World of Keflings captures all the charm and casual-style of play of the first game, but adds more depth, humor and a ton of features players have requested.”

One of the most asked-for features included in the Keflings sequel is local multiplayer. Players will be able to build an entire world for the Keflings together with their spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, friends or whomever on the same console.

NinjaBee has been teasing concept art for the new game each week this month. To see the revealed artwork visit www.NinjaBee.com/blog/. NinjaBee plans to release A World of Keflings later this year, though a specific release date has not yet been established.

A World of Keflings is NinjaBee’s third XLA title to support playable avatars and is the second title NinjaBee has announced it is bringing to XLA in 2010. The other, Ancients of Ooga, was announced last fall.


Chad said...

Showed my daughter the concept art for AWfK and she is way excited. I hope it comes out soon. :)

Inked said...

I can't wait for it. Any idea when it is coming out?

Reuben said...
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Reuben said...

Hope the PC version follows shortly!

I wasn't able to see the concept art from the link, it just linked me back to the blog, any idea where the concept artwork is?

Thanks and keep up the good work Ninjabee!

Anonymous said...

When is it coming out???
Please tell me!!! I need to know NOW!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Please give us an update on the release date for world of keflings,.