Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Keflings coming in A World of Keflings

Meet Doug.

Doug is not your average Kefling.

You'll meet a new type of Kefling when A World of Keflings releases later this year - the builders. For the first time, certain Keflings will actually be able to help you carry building pieces and, in some cases, build buildings for you. Not bad for a guy who would trouble reaching the light switches in your house.

Also, Doug is addicted to Facebook. If you friend him you just might see him hinting stuff about the upcoming game from time to time.

Become Doug Kefling's friend here!


Unknown said...

Will the update be available for the PC version?

stay said...

Yes, we plan to release the new game (A World of Keflings) for PC, some time after the Xbox 360 game is released. (It took us a while with A Kingdom for Keflings because we were determined not to do a crappy port - we ended up rebuilding tons of assets and redesigning big chunks of the game to work nicely on the PC.)

Unknown said...

Great! I enjoyed A Kingdom for Keflings. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for the reaponse

ladym30 said...

I thought this was to be released on 360 first... there is stuff all over but can't down load it...I feel like i'm being teased.
How soon will I be able to purchase for 360???