Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A World of Keflings Trailer!!!

Be warned: This is not your same old Keflings game.

A World of Keflings will also be making it's big debut at PAX. If you're coming come and find us! NinjaBee won't be exhibiting, but the game will be available to play at Microsoft's booth!


Chad said...

Looks fantastic! Too bad we have to wait until winter to give it a real try. :(

Snappyguy said...

Wow this looks amazing! Love the cannons at the start :D

Anonymous said...

Cannons, Bridges, Spice, Ice, and Thorns. The ability to push houses, and houses that hold many More. Keflings who level up, and Portals to explore. What else did you add... tell us what else is in store?

I wrote that for you Ninja Bee :)

Mike said...

Looks awesome guys! We can't wait til it comes out!

fidgetwidget said...

I am 100x more disappointed that I can't make it to PAX this year because of you... I hope you are happy :P

So wish I could have played it :(