Thursday, November 18, 2010

A World of Keflings: Desert Kingdom Reveal

Today we showed off the first screenshots from the third land you'll explore in the Kefling world when A World of Keflings releases this winter. Check out the Desert Kingdom and the Keflarabians who live there (yes, that's really what they're called).Our Art Director, Brent Fox, had this to say about the different kingdoms you'll build in A World of Keflings:

"In A World of Keflings you travel back and forth between the different lands of the Kefling world through magic portals called Kingdom Gates. Beyond each gate are new lands with distinct climates and different kinds of Keflings who want you to build them cities. And in each kingdom you'll build buildings that match the style of that land made from the resources available in that part of the world."


Serena Williams said...

When will the game be released?

Anonymous said...

So are there just the three Kingdoms?
Frozen North, Desert Arabian and Lush Victorian? Or are there multiple 'Kingdoms' that have a more temperate climate?

Kitty said...

Make it happen... Make it come out next week. If I have to suffer through Black Friday working retail then don't have new Keflings to look forward to soon, I'm gonna break.

Seriously, I like to pretend the little guys are my customers (the aggravating ones) and kick them all over the place... I've already kicked them far too much in the original. They're on to me. They'll probably go all Gulliver's Travels on me anyday now...

stay said...

Dear Kitty,

It sounds like an acute case of hypertensive inflamation of the lamoshopper. This is serious. I recommend the following treatment options:

* Give the keflings a break, and start kicking your customers. Remember: It's more fun if you kick them *into* something!

* Grab the next customer who walks through the door, remove his hat, and assign him to restocking shelves. Pay no attention to wiggling and arm flailing.

* Collect all the endcap displays (bonus therapy for using Justin-Bieber-related products) and create a maze. Put a sign labeled "Sale!" at the entrance. When half your store population is navigating the maze, block off both ends and laugh maniacally. See how long it takes for their pathfinding AI to break.

* Watch the clock and grumble about the low frame rate.

* Build, out of shopping carts, a giant castle in the middle of the store. Decorate some of the carts with 8x10 glossy color photos of yourself. Loudly explain to your co-workers that these are banner towers.

* When the calm people with stern glasses come to break your maze, tear down your castle, and drag you away, call them griefers and scream about how you're going to give them the worst player feedback they've ever seen.

* Try to relax, and keep an eye on the news. We should be announcing a release date soon!

rhinorulz said...

It seems I have a case of parentitus. I need something to vent anger at instead of parents. AKoK(omg, I just noticed what the acronym said(i.e. a male chicken other name not rooster)) is old now so.... Get a move on, and will you release it on PC also?