Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ancients of Ooga Gets DLC

The Forgotten Chapters arrives on XBLA for 160 MS Points

Today NinjaBee and Bacon Wrapped Games released "The Forgotten Chapters," a new add-on for their bizarre action platformer, Ancients of Ooga on Xbox Live Arcade.

"The Forgotten Chapters" adds seven all-new levels to the game's main campaign and includes new puzzles to solve, more enemies to fight and extra characters to rescue and recruit. The downloadable content pack continues the story of the Oogani revolt, returning players to each land of the Oogani world where they must use all seven Oogani tribes' unique powers to free their trapped tribesman to join the insurrection.

Ancients of Ooga stars a cast of strange, gremlin/monkey-like characters with a propensity to eat, and puke, just about anything they can get their hands on. Join the revolt with the bizarre Ooganis as they use their ancient powers to free their lands and the seven enslaved tribes with the use of a variety of ancient, mystic powers.

"The Forgotten Chapters" is available for download in the Xbox Live Marketplace for 160 Microsoft Points.

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