Friday, September 23, 2011

Trashing Hopes and Dreams

NinjaBee moved to a new and shiny office. In the process of cleaning up I threw away a bag full materials submitted by artists who had recently applied. The trash bag, that was destined for the back corner of the dumpster on a rainy Saturday afternoon, represented many hopes and dreams. A lot of time was spent crafting a perfect resume, choosing the right paper and burning a CD. For a brief second I felt a twinge of guilt as I flung the trash bag into the smelly pile. It simply had to be done.

A note to future applicants: A link to a blog or web site can be stored on a list for a long time. A CD or folder with a printed resume will eventually hit the trash cans.

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Andrew P said...

From what I hear the new office looks great. Looking forward on future things coming from that place.