Saturday, May 05, 2012

Mission Accomplished! 2 Games in 11 hours!

The games are complete! Both Drawrmy and Curse of the Space Mummy are done - 14 people, 12 hours, 2 games. Give 'em a spin, tell us what you think!

(Download to play)
This game can be played with either a controller, keyboard and mouse, or just keyboard. If your ship gets destroyed look for the green smoke to see the enemy you are possessing (re-spawning).

(Play in-browser)
Draw your units to create your drawrmy. The colors you choose affect your attack and defense stats (think Rock, Paper, Scissors). Red is strong against blue, blue is strong against yellow, yellow is strong against red. Keep this in mind when creating your characters and when choosing which units to attack.

Let us know what you think! We can only do so much in such limited time, but if people like the games we might just keep working on them :)

(PS - XBLA Code winners are Skylar Wolf, Andrew (posted 5:25 p.m. on Friday), Mark Litzinger and Chun Lau. If you haven't been contacted send an email to with your contact info and we'll pass you your code. Congrats!)


Yama said...

Going to download Curse of the Mummy now. Any word on the XBLA contest?

Twitter @yamayamayaamaa

Andrew Hill said...

Yep, contest winners are now added to the post.

Maira said...

My drawrmy looks very silly!!!! :P

Virtuous Lumox said...

Drawrmy won't load. Firefox 12. Just a white screen. Can't install or run Curse of the Space Mummy. "The application has failed to start because d3d11.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

Yama said...

Bah, I didn't win a code lol...

Anyways here is my mini Curse of the Mummy review:

The music. It reminded me A LOT of Keflings. I love it.

The respawn system. The fact the you can respawn as a bigger ship as the game progressed was really cool. I'd imagine that in a fully developed game the bigger ships would be more powerful.

Infinite Lives. Usually twin stick shooters end real quick due to low number of lives. For a pick up and play type game that can be aggravating so being able to play a genre I enjoy casually and worry free was fun.

There are a lot of ideas here which I would LOVE to see in a shmup and not just a twin stick shooter. Especially if these ideas were in more of a casual type bullet hell. Those games are so hardcore but shmups are one of my favorite genres even though I credit feed in almost all of them. I can see a game with features like this being kind of casual with a hardcore scoring system for leaderboards and stuff.

Anyways, thanks guys that was fun! I'm looking forward to Candy for Keflings!
Much love,

Twitter @yamayamayaamaa

Livingston said...

What tools were used to make the games and how did the team feel about them after using them?

stay said...

We were so crunched for time we weren't able to do a lot of compatibility testing.

The whole team uses chrome, so we didn't run the game in any other browsers until the end of the night.

I noticed when I run the game in IE, for some reason I get a white screen the first time, but if I refresh once, it works from then on.

And, yeah, CotSM requires DX11. Sorry about that, too. We happen to be in the middle of restructuring in our engine (nice timing for a Game in a Day event!) and DX9 support is temporarily broken... :(

stay said...

@Livingston (Hi Bryan!)

Curse of the Space Mummy was done using our in-house engine, Wraith. This is the engine we use for console, PC, and some mobile development.

Drawrmy was done in html5 (Javascript + Canvas + a few other things), and uses Firebase for some storage and server features.

I hope to do a post some time to explore in more detail why we chose these technologies, and how we felt about the experience. At a high level, they were both great, and I'm pretty happy with what we got done.