Monday, June 18, 2012

Play A World of Keflings With Us Tonight!

Tonight at 5 p.m. PDT a bunch of us devs from NinjaBee are logging on to Xbox Live to play A World of Keflings for a special 'Game With The Devs' edition of PlayXBLA Monday!

We're going to be talking Candy for Keflings and answering any question you can think of about the new DLC. We'll also let you be the first to hear some teasers about what Keflings has going on AFTER a Candy for Keflings comes out. It's some good stuff, so don't miss it!

The event is only an hour long, so don't be late! We'll be hosting games as well as jumping into as many Live Multiplayer games as we can. So don't be late! To avoid confusing people, we'll be playing in the main game's campaign, not in the It Came from Outer Space add-on.

Here's a list of our gamertags to keep an eye out for:

Gamertag Name Job
WWTimeyWimey Andrew Marketing
T G Welfman Eric Programmer
OminousMike Mike Designer
TAR like FISHY Tara Designer
PlumPants05 Casey Artist
NinjaBeeArt Brent Art Director
DreamBean Steve Designer
Smorgasbot Jared Designer
NinjaBee Wahoo Matt Office Manager

In the mean time, hopefully these screenshots can tide you over until tonight. See you then!

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Bleenq said...

Help. My 9 year old daughter is at flower power tower quest and princess shows she handed in 3 but won't progress. Help!