Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Questions That Count: Mobile vs Console

Question: If you could play the exact same game on your tablet or your TV, which would you prefer?

There's no doubt that mobile games are huge these days, and rightfully so. The convenience of being able to play games on the go is great. We're curious, though, if you prefer to play games on a mobile platform, such as a tablet or smartphone, or if you prefer them at home on the TV with a controller in hand or on your PC?

Assuming you could only purchase your next favorite game on either console, PC, tablet, or smart phone, which would you choose if the graphics and gameplay were fundamentally the same? Would you forego playing on a TV or monitor for the convenience of playing anywhere?

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What is your preferred gaming device: Console, PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone?


Tesh said...

It depends greatly on what sort of game it is and what the interface is. I'm rather fond of JRPGs, but the "virtual stick" that FFIII uses on Android is annoying enough that it outweighs the mobility of the device. I love games like Master of Magic, but there's no way I want to try to use a controller to navigate it if it were on my TV. Jetpack Joyride is functionally the same game on my PS3 and on my phone, but I've played it far more on my phone.

Specifically with a NinjaBee example, A Kingdom for Keflings is much more enjoyable on the XBox than on the PC for me, simply because I prefer the control style.

Captain Jax said...

Looks like consoles are taking the cake... I wonder what reasons. Is it the bigger screen, the controller, dedicated hardware?

stay said...

It could be mostly the audience for this blog, which is probably more core-gamer and console focused.