Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Buzz: PAX Prime 2013

I told you we would start catching up on the summer! Last month we had the honor of attending PAX Prime, courtesy of Nintendo. Although we had not originally planned on visiting Seattle this year, Nintendo graciously invited us to enjoy the hospitality of their booth to exhibit the upcoming Wii U release of A World of Keflings on the Nintendo eShop. There was plenty to see even just inside the booth. Plue, we got to hang out with some of the cool people over at Nintendo and some of the other developers sharing the luxurious space near the Indie Megabooth.

Even with a busy exhibiting schedule, there was plenty of time to hang out and see the sights. Hundreds of awesome people, dozens of dazzling new games, and memorable experiences beyond count greeted us at every turn in the series of exhibition halls, hotels, and lobbies that served to contain the bubbling crowds of geeks that descended on Seattle for the show. You couldn't throw a twenty-sided die without hitting someone worth talking to, including our awesome friends at Twisted Pixel! They were showing off their riotously hilarious game, LocoCycle. Keflings are terrible drivers, by the way.

We got hands on with all the hottest upcoming titles, like Titanfall, Transistor, and WildStar, as well as surprising gems like Secret Ponchos, Hohokum, and SpeedRunner. We also got to pose with some awesome statues and met some cool fans (including the Rocketeer). From tabletop to next gen, every facet of our favorite hobbies got to sparkle brilliantly for four crazy days of nerdy excess!

Overall, it was a blast! We can't wait to come back next year and see what the world of gaming has to offer. And who knows what NinjaBee will have up our sleeve next time around?

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Denis said...

I look like a hood ornament! Hi! That's me as The Rocketeer! I came here to check out the site and see if there were many photos of Keflings around the world, but I found this first! I only just uploaded my photos from PAX myself this weekend, but also my photos of Jebediah K. Kefling visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge and Cliffwalk in North Vancouver, as well as the Vancouver Aquarium! Here's the link:


You have full permission to link to them or post them on your own site if needed. Hopefully Jeb will be doing more travelling soon!