Monday, January 19, 2009

Game in a Day Wrap Up

So here are a few videos I took as things were wrapping up on Friday night. I've also posted some more concept art and some screenshots so you can see what the game looks like if you haven't downloaded it yet. Thanks for following along and let us know if you want to see anything here that we didn't mention.

An interview with Jeff, one of our artists, about some things he wished had made it into the game.

Abbey's final concept art of the world. How do you think it compares to the final product?

Justin, team lead, on what we learned through the project

Kevin on being a lead programmer

Steve on the price of fame that comes after Game in a Day


Jet Set Studio said...

Hey, great videos and what a fun/beneficial project! I thought it was funny that Steve was worried about the need to now release the project's outcome, haha...when is the release date?!

ATC 1982 said...

With all the polonation potential it reminded me of Biology. Even though it wasn't my favorite subject it still brought back memories while playing.

ATC 1982 said...

Since I tottally Missed your Art Concept VS actual concept.

The Concept art made me think of Grim Fandango's Back ground mood which is a game I enjoyed.

As for the end result which in this case was a good thing since the flowers came poping off the screen.

Also if just looking at the background i would have thought it was going to be a scary whack the bat or owl game.

Overall the concepts stayed the same with more polish at the end and great ideas lead Corn to some great visuals.

Only thing I could of not used was the big blue bar right down the middle. Not sure what that was for.

stay said...

Ah, yeah. The big blue bar didn't come across like it was originally planned. That was supposed to be a stream running through the middle of the garden. That's one of the things that didn't go quite as planned, and we didn't have time to fix it or make it look good... :(

You'll notice there are some places you can't place flowers in the game. That was supposed to be big rocks, the stream, etc. There were also going to be different properties for different locations, like some plants would grow differently in some areas...