Thursday, September 24, 2009

NinjaBee gives away 3 weeks of free Love!

iPhone Apps go on sale

Whoa there, don’t get too excited - it’s not THAT kind of free love. We’re getting ready to launch the third and final game in the Kaloki series for iPhone and iPod touch, Kaloki War! So, to prepare for the new game (coming in the VERY near future) NinjaBee is placing our first two iPhone/iPod touch games, Kaloki Adventure and Kaloki Love, on sale for three weeks on the iTunes App Store!

For a short time you can now get Kaloki Adventure for just $1.99 and Kaloki Love for FREE!

Aren’t free games awesome? Especially really cool ones that are iPhone versions of award-winning XBLA games that you can take with you anywhere and provide you with hours and hours of challenging, entertaining, portable electronic bliss?

No need to thank us, and no applause, please. (Just throw money.)

Note: Kaloki Adventure has a tutorial but Kaloki Love does not. If you would like one you can download the lite version of Kaloki Adventure (Kaloki Free) for free.

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