Friday, October 16, 2009

A Kingdom for Keflings gets title update

Keflings get stronger, kingdom gets safer

Have you ever played A Kingdom for Keflings on Xbox Live and some griefer comes into your game and starts smashing up all the buildings your kingdom? Don’t you just HATE that? So do we. So we fixed it.

In case you didn’t notice the last time you played A Kingdom for Keflings, NinjaBee has updated the game. Many of the update’s new features will likely go unnoticed but two new features should make most gamers smile.

First, random players can no longer come into multiplayer games played on Xbox Live and break your buildings. Only gamers who you have accepted as friends on Live will have the ability to break buildings in games you host.

Second, all of your Keflings just got a big helping of electronic spinach. (Well, not a BIG helping.) From now on transporter Keflings can now carry three resources instead of just one. Hooray!

Other fixes include various performance issues and other minor bugs. Plus, the new update enables the game to support new, future DLC….


alsotop said...

DLC? Sounds exciting! I loved playing Kingdom of Keflings because it was so relaxing and fun.

VanIslePimp said...

I like hearing about the potential of "future dlc" in that update!

Valerie said...

WOO HOO!!! Hooray for the title update! :)

Unknown said...

I cannot wait for the DLC! I have all 200 Gamer score for Kingdom for Keflings! I can't wait to hear more about the upcoming DLC!

Anonymous said...