Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NinjaBee Releases Kaloki War, Completes Conversion of Full Xbox 360 Game to iPhone

Kaloki War Released for iPhone and iPod touch
OREM, Utah – Oct. 19, 2009 – Utah-based video game developer NinjaBee is proud to announce the release of Kaloki War, the third and final chapter of the Kaloki series for iPhone™ and iPod® touch. The release completes NinjaBee’s first conversion of a full Xbox 360 game to the iPhone. The game is available on the iTunes App Store (http://linktoapp.com/kaloki+war) for US $1.99.

“This isn’t the first Xbox game to be adapted to the iPhone,” said NinjaBee’s art director and co-owner Brent Fox. “But what makes these games special are that they’re not a ‘dumbed down’ version of the original. You get the full content from the Xbox 360 version and you can take it with you wherever you go.”

Kaloki War contains the complete combat scenario from Outpost Kaloki X, one of the original launch titles for the Xbox 360’s downloadable service, Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Aside from adding the new combat/defense element to the space station tycoon-game series, Kaloki War adds additional content including ten new levels and four bonus scenarios. From start to finish NinjaBee’s three iPhone games contain around 25 hours of cumulative gameplay. Each game is also equipped with an auto-save feature that makes picking it up and playing easy for short, on-the-go-type situations or for longer periods of time.

“The games utilize the iPhone’s touch functionality extremely well,” said Kevin Heap, the lead programmer for the Kaloki games. “It makes them really fun to play. It feels like the game was originally designed for the iPhone.”

Kaloki War is the perfect challenge for aspiring space station tycoons. Players must strategize to build up profitable and efficient space stations while trying to defend them from hostile marauders. The game offers new buildable expansions previously unavailable in the other two Kaloki games that will help them strengthen their stations' defenses to survive in an intense race against time. Players who fail to build up their station in time face total destruction from an onslaught of relentless attackers.

The three iPhone games make up the three storylines from the Xbox version of the game. The newly released Kaloki War contains the game’s war story, adding combat and a heightened level of intensity. Kaloki Adventure, the largest of the three games, contains the adventure plot where players must hone their space station management skills and work their way through the story’s 16 comedic levels. In Kaloki Love iPhone users can play the game’s love story, where they seek to balance building up their space station and a quest to find true love.

Kaloki Adventure, and Kaloki Love are also available on the iTunes App Store for US $1.99, and $0.99 respectively.
For more information about Kaloki War please visit http://ninjabee.com/ikalokiwar/.

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