Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Kingdom for Keflings arrives on PC with sale of Kelfing-tine proportions

Limited-time 50% off sale kicks off today’s PC release of A Kingdom for Keflings

Whoever said bigger was better? Today Independent video games developer NinjaBee announced it has released its award-winning game, A Kingdom for Keflings, with a fitting promotion - for a limited time you can start building a kingdom for those half-sized Keflings for half the price.

NinjaBee President and co-owner Steve Taylor had the following comments about the new game:

“Keflings with a mouse?

Snow falling on tiny hats,

On my home PC!”

A Kingdom for Keflings became available to purchase for today exclusively on for the discounted price of $9.99 USD. The special 50% off offer will last for just more than two weeks through April 7, 2010. Following the sale the game will return to its full price of $19.95 USD. At that time A Kingdom for Keflings will also be made available through other video game distribution portals.

The PC version includes four new playable giants not included in the Xbox LIVE® Arcade version, bringing the total number to eight characters players can choose from to help build up and customize kingdoms for the tiny Keflings. Featuring a light-hearted, play-at-your-own-pace style of gameplay with beautiful visuals and catchy, frolicsome music, A Kingdom for Keflings offers players a relaxing, fun experience that is unexpectedly addictive.

The popular, innovative city-building title originally arrived on Xbox LIVE Arcade on Nov. 19, 2008 and more than a year later remains among the downloadable service’s most downloaded titles. A Kingdom for Keflings was voted the 2008 Xbox LIVE Arcade Award-winner for Best Family Game.

The PC version does not include the option to play as your customizable Xbox avatar.

Download the free trial here:


Chad said...

When's the next update? It has been almost a month! We need some more info (preferably about AWFK), please!

Love ya Ninjabee!

Anonymous said...

can you guys make a game like kingdom of camalot for the xbox

Anonymous said...

I like what I have seen from Ninja Bee. So please think about bringing games to the PSP & PS3 next.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad you brought this game to PC version. I bought it about a week ago, and have been hooked ever since (staying up way to late building my little city). The only thing I wish is that I could turn the buildings so they weren't all facing the same direction (this is driving me crazy). I hope your World will come to PC and allow you to at less turn the buildings sideways.