Friday, November 18, 2011

Introducing "The Friday Review"

Hi everyone! This is Matt Bockholt (aka Captain Jax), and I’m happy to announce “The Friday Review” on the NinjaBee blog. Every Friday I, or one of my fellow flying insects of death, will be reviewing a game here on the NinjaBee Dance. Our purpose? To force our superior and correct opinions upon the masses…Actually, it’s just because not only do we love to make video games, we also love to play them, and in the playing of them we often discuss their pros and cons, spreading the happy news of rare finds (like a red rupee popping from a patch of freshly cut grass), or warning against the snarly hidden teeth beneath cute and fuzzy exteriors (like Jason, from QA).

First of all let me assure you that these reviews will in no way reflect the opinions Wahoo Studios or NinjaBee itself (such opinions—if they exist—could not be expressed using any tongue spoken by man), but are only the mad ramblings of those who write them. Second, let me also assure you that our purpose is not to demean other publishers and/or developers. We love our fellow game creators, and want them to continue doing the awesome job they are. But we’re not afraid to point out the parts we don’t like.

We hope that you will express your opinions in response to our reviews, and we can discuss in friendly manner the creations that fuel our gaming hobby.

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