Friday, November 18, 2011

The Friday Review: Dungeon Defenders (XBLA, PSN, PC)

Dungeon Defenders
review by CJ

For my first review I have chosen a game with which I have been thoroughly entranced. Dungeon Defenders is one of those rare gems, not only in concept, but in execution. At first glance the game seems to be trying to combine too many genres, but it does so very well. Mixing the excitement of random equipment drops found in games such as Diablo, or Borderlands, the strategy of the best tower defense games, the RPG level grind, and some seriously fun up-to-4-player co-op, plus more, this game has something to offer anyone.


- Great cooperative play. This is a game that can be enjoyed by yourself, or with friends, and the more the merrier. Not enough games offer 4 player co-op these days, and even less that are this much fun.

- Upgrades! Not only does your character level up and receive skill points with each level, you can also upgrade your equipment and pets, and customize their attributes as they upgrade.

- Many modes. Replay value is an important aspect, these days. With so many games on the market we want our money to spread as far as it can, and the more time you can spend on a game the better. Dungeon Defenders incorporates many different modes and challenges for each of its many levels, which changes things up and allows you to replay the same area multiple times with a new experience each time.


- Poor story. This isn’t necessarily a con, per se, but if you’re looking for an inspiring story look elsewhere. This game is all about the fun.

SUMMARY: This game is well worth the $15 (XBLA, PSN, or Steam). The four classes are very unique, and the many levels are all well designed, and varied. The story may not be anything to mention, but the game play is solid and fun.

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