Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Questions That Count: Online Only Consoles

Question: How do you feel about a console that is online only?

There sure has been a lot of talk lately about the possibility that the next Xbox system will require an internet connection to be used, at least to some degree. The original rumor said that it would require a constant internet connection to be usable at all, even to play single player games. A new rumor says that isn't exactly true. I'm sure we'll find out the truth on May 21st. In either case, we're curious what YOU think about the concept of an "online only" console.

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Would you purchase an online only console if it were the next Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo console?


Measure said...

Your forum says I'm not allowed to post in it, even after logging in with my forum credentials.

Captain Jax said...

Thanks for the heads up, it has been fixed now!

TailsFox88 said...

The internet at my apartment is atrocious. Just this morning, attempting to ping the gateway was taking an average of 1.5 seconds (even with really slow networks, this shouldn't take more than 10 milliseconds tops). My connection is constantly times out and drops leaving me without internet for hours at a time. And since this is BYU housing, they won't let me get my own service provide.

Anything that requires being online all the time in this circumstance? Never going to happen.

Stubborn said...

I put "I'd consider it," but I'm waiting for something to hit the Supreme court here similar to the case in the EU that granted people the right to resell digital titles. I never liked and don't buy into the whole "you're not purchasing a game, you're buying a license" argument, and an online-only console smacks of that.