Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Enter the Squirrel!

Nutjitsu is out!

We have been awfully quiet about Nutjitsu since we revealed it at PAX East this year, but the wait is over. Nutjitsu is now available for free on Windows 8 through the Windows Store. Download it now and experience NinjaBee's mobile, touch-driven, acorn stealing squirrel-'em-up today!

This isn't the last you will hear of Nutjitsu either. The ninja squirrel will be sneaking onto iOS and Android in the near future, and more content is already in the works for all your nut-napping needs. But for now, steal acorns and share your high scores. Are you the ninja supreme?

1 comment:

Measure said...

A stealth game for kids? Awesome!

How can I be the first to know when this gets to android?