Friday, March 14, 2014

Nutjitsu sneaks onto Xbox One

A ninja squirrel is on a larcenous mission to reclaim magical acorns from evil samurai foxes in NinjaBee’s newest game, Nutjitsu, which releases this spring on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. The top-down, arcade-style acorn-snatcher will be one of the first independent games released as part of the ID@Xbox program for Xbox One.


Become the squirrel. The kitsune have taken the sacred relics of your clan. Vengeance will be yours! Sneak through beautifully hand-painted levels as you retrieve the stolen artifacts from the villainous samurai. Steal back precious acorns as you dodge an ever-increasing number of vigilant foxes. Snatch victory with your tiny paw!

• Complete ninja missions or grab as many mystical treasures as you can in endless mode before disappearing into the night.
• Fill your ninja arsenal with smoke bombs, speed potions, freeze bombs, shadow clones and flame shields to confuse and defeat your foes.
• Outwit dangerous enemies who can dash across the map at blinding speed or slow your pace to a crawl.
• Sneak through 15 unique environments on your quest to restore honor to your clan.
• Increase your rank to achieve greater honor and unlock new content.

“Being among the first indie games on Xbox One is a fantastic opportunity to be part of something revolutionary,” said Brent Fox, art director at NinjaBee. “We’re helping to pioneer a new program, watching it evolve and develop. We were in on the ground floor of Xbox Live Arcade, and we’re honored to be among the first ID@Xbox releases as well.”

NinjaBee was among the first announced ID@Xbox developers, and has a long history with Xbox; stretching back to the 2004 release of Outpost Kaloki X. NinjaBee’s acclaimed kingdom-builder, A World of Keflings, was featured as part of the Games with Gold promotion for Xbox 360 last November.

“We hope that this is only the first of many games NinjaBee releases for Xbox One,” Fox said. “We plan to push the boundaries of what Xbox One can do.”

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