Thursday, July 02, 2009

Band of Bugs Music

Because we're in a giving mood here at NinjaBee (and we're super excited for the release of the Avatar update next week!), here are the music tracks from Band of Bugs. Please feel free to download (just right click on the link to download) and listen to this music for your own personal enjoyment, but remember NinjaBee owns it and retains all rights. All tracks were done by our very own designer/Music Man Extraordinaire, Mike Neilsen.

Hopper's Groove
Insectus Maximus
Many-Legged Mayhem
Jungle Pygmy Bugs

1 comment:

Tony said...

Awesome. Thank you.

Really looking forward to the update and DLC. I am terrible at the game, but I do enjoy it.

Are you guys ever going to do a game about an actual NinjaBee?