Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Come Play with Us!

To celebrate the release of the Band of Bugs Avatar update and the Tales of Kaloki DLC, NinjaBee will be hosting a Game with Developer night this Saturday, July 11 on Xbox LIVE from 7-10 p.m. EST. Our gamertags are listed below. If you want to play with any of us, just send a friend request and we'll be on that night to play and answer your burning questions, or just chat. See you there!

* gostay (Steve, President)
* YaZeus (Kevin, Lead Programmer)
* Big Blue Fox (Brent, Art Director)
* dajuse (Justin, Project Manager)
* T G Welfman (Eric, Programmer)
* Marmosetofdeath (Jeremy, Lead Designer)
* johnseph83 (John, Programmer)
* DarkMount (Jeff, Artist)
* scarabman (Ben, Designer)
* Abbasax (Jason, Test Lead)
* ThePr0tege (Mike, Tester)
* NinjaGirl01 (Valerie, PR/Marketing)

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