Friday, December 24, 2010

Play A World Of Keflings With NinjaBee This Sunday to Unlock 2 New Avatar Emotes

Ahoy. Captain Ratbeard at yer scurvice, I mean, service.

I love to dance a merry jig while singing sea shanties. It be just the thing to lift me spirits before pillaging, I mean NEGOTIATING with another merchant ship. Argh! All you gotta do to jig up a storm is use your emotes in game. YARGH!

To do an emote, just use the D-pad. It be that little grey area on the controller that looks a little like an anchor. Alright, maybe it looks more like a ninja star, but ninjas be pansies, so pretend it looks like an anchor. YAR! If ya press the anchor, the emotes menu will come up. Just choose the first one up and press "A" - you'll start bustin' a move fit to call the kraken! Truth be told, that dance only calls Keflings to yer side, not krakens, but that be just as good.

There be other dances and special moves you can learn too but they be secret, like buried traysure, and the only way to find them is to build up yer kingdom to the fullest. There also be emotes you can only get with friends in local and live multiplayer, and there be emotes that are only unlocked by gettin' achievements in other games! You can learn some pretty sweet moves from those land-lubbers in Band of Bugs, let me tell ya.

Also keep your eyes open for those sneaky NinjaBees. They'll be teachin' people two secret emotes that you can only learn from someone else that knows it. Aye. If ya be playin' on Sunday December 26th around 7:00 p.m. PST (I think that stands fer Pilferin' the Seadog's Traysure...) ya may run into one. They'll be playin' their little hearts out, spreading their viral emotes like a bad case of scurvy.

I think you've heard enough from me, mates. I'm off to swab the poop deck... I mean CLEAN THE BATHROOM. Aye, merchant's gotta keep his bathroom clean. See ya in game.

Capt. Ratbeard.


Benjamin said...

Cool.. Who do we need to friend to get in on this?

stay said...

We should have a better list, but you can at least try Ratbeards Ghost, gostay, and NinjaGuy01.

All you really need to do is bring up one of our gamercards and if we're actively playing a non-full public Live game, you can Join In Progress to jump into the game without an invite.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up Stay! I almost missed the message at the menu screen, but I got in. I didn't realize that I had bought 5 of your 6 XBLA games until I got onto your website. Keep up the good work! And apparently, it looks like I'll be a longtime fan of your games.


Chad said...

Will there be another opportunity to gain this special emotes? Or are we out of luck?

stay said...

You can still get the two viral emotes any time - you just need to play with somebody who has them, and get them to perform the emotes near your avatar.

If you ask around in the forums, I'm sure somebody will be happy to join your game and infect you! :)