Monday, December 27, 2010

Doug Kefling: Builders Are Best

Take off! You mean, I get to write a guest blog post, and all sorts of people, including gamer hotties, will read it? AWESOME!

I'm Doug, and I'm a Builder, eh? So uh, that means like, me and my brothers are big muscley Keflings that can lift massive building pieces like they were made of wool. Which, some of them actually are, eh? And my brothers and I think you're SOOOO awesome that we want to follow you around and help you build your kingdom.

If you build a bunch of pieces we builders will pick them up and follow you around until you find a place to build, eh? Then we'll bring you more pieces while you put them together like a giant puzzle of awesomeness!

Oh, and if you're like, putting together something we've already seen you build then we'll know how to finish it for you, eh? Like, if you ever need to build a bunch of houses, eh, all ya gotta do is, like, build the first one by yourself. For all of the rest, just set down the first piece and put some love down next to it. Me and my builder brothers will take care of the rest. That should leave you with more time for your, uh, lady friends, eh? Unless of course you're... a girl, or... don't like the ladies or... something.

Keep in mind though, we can only keep track of one building at a time. So like, if you start building pieces for a bunch of different buildings all at once, we'll get super confused - like that time I watched Yellow Submarine.

Oh, and like, we don't get level-ups like regular Keflings, but you can drink potions that make you more awesome, and the more awesome you are, the more awesomeness rubs off on us.

Somebody as mind-bendingly amazing as you can totally help me find my lost brothers, and they'll start helping out, too!

Anyway, I'm SUPER pumped to help out with your kingdom. It's gonna be a beauty - like if heaven and the X-Games got married and had a baby, eh? So, see ya around.



Elaytion said...

I may be falling for Doug. The cutie.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to be saying "aye", not "eh".