Monday, December 20, 2010

Tick tick tick tick... boom!

Just two more days until A World of Keflings arrives on XBLA!!! We thought we'd wet your whistle with some added info about one of the game's new features - musical cannons.

You've seen this teased already in the trailer, but here's some interesting info about this new feature. The cannons were designed as an end-game feature to extend gameplay possibilities and give players something fun to do in their kingdom once they've finished the game.

To build cannons players must first collect gears they find around the world or receive as rewards for completing quests. Take the gears to the Machinist building and you'll be able to build cannons. By the end of the game you'll be able to build more than 80 cannons.

Different sizes of cannons hold notes for different lengths of time. Each cannon can be assigned a different voice (instrument) to sound when a Kefling fires through it. With more than 80 distinct instruments to choose from and a slew of firing effects, the musical possibilities are endless!

Tip: The cannons in the video that rotate are using counters. They're a great way to make your 80 cannons go further. A counter holds still and let's a Kefling fire through it as many times as you set, and then rotates to send the Kefling through another track of notes. After it rotates it returns to point its original direction.

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