Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NinjaBee Contest -- 1600 MS Points!!!!!

Hey all, it's contest time at NinjaBee! And yep, you guessed it, the prize is 1600 MS Points!

What's up
So earlier this month NinjaBee updated Band of Bugs on Xbox Live Arcade allowing you to play and fight as your avatar in the single player campaign or with your friends in the multiplayer 'Spider Hunter' mode. It also added a new level to the Stand-Alone Missions.

How to win
So here's how the constest works. This Friday (July 24) at 7 p.m. EST we're going to post a couple of questions here on our blog about stuff from the playable levels on the free trial version of Band of Bugs (it won't be hard, just play and have fun). So put it in your download queue and see what it's like to have your avatar kick some serious insectoid booty.

*If you already own Band of Bugs it's levels 1-3 on Maal's Story and 'Demo Level' from the Stand-Alone Missions.

Once the questions have be posted you will only have 15 minutes** to email the answers to info@ninjabee.com. The winner will be selected by our own super-secret, high-tech selection process (drawn from a hat) and will get the 1600 MS Points!

Good luck and have fun playing Band of Bugs! See you then!

**We switched to this method of selecting the winner to make the contest more fair to everyone with stinky slow internet.

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Kennyi82 said...

This is great! I was gonna buy BOB. But my friends encouraged me to get halo 3 maps instead. So this could possibly another opportunity.